Monday, April 7, 2014

Slogging Along...

Author Dale Ralph Davis is a favorite of mine. I've always benefited from his writings and now we have a new work to enjoy, Slogging Along in the Paths of Righteousness: Psalms 13-24. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

Product Description
Dale Ralph Davis plunges right into the middle of King David's hard times with a study that is resonant for our lives. King David's faith brought him through the muddy parts of life. Will we find that depression is our final response to a hard path? Will faith carry us across? Find the encouragement that Psalms 13-24 hold for the Scripture-filled life.

Editorial Review
Dale Ralph Davis is among the finest expositors of the Old Testament alive today. His style is unique and his content infectious. A pastor at heart, his insights are always governed by an absolute loyalty to the text, a belief that the Bible was written for today as much as yesterday, and a desire to encourage his readers to fall in love with Scripture and to trust it. These expositions of Psalms 13-24 tantalizingly suggest there may be further volumes given the enormous success of the first set (Ps. 1-12). What a treasure that would be! In the meantime, these expositions are pure gold. ~ Derek Thomas(Senior Minister of Preaching and Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina) 

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