Monday, May 30, 2016

Five Hints to Kick Start Your Reading

Many of us can't find the time to read or have some kind of life issues that prevents us from reading. The kids are screaming, the boss is screaming, your neighbor asked for one more favor; I'm with you, I'm no different. I may even be worse than you. I love to read but it can be difficult to find the time and then enjoy it. Here's a few hints to get moving on that stack of books and periodicals on your bedside table.

Just Do It
Read whenever and wherever you can. I don't have much time, either, so most of my reading is done at work on my breaks. It also gives me something to look forward to after I gobble down my sandwich on my lunch break. Read in the car while you wait for a friend in the store, when you go for a walk take a break and sit for a few minutes and read. Even just fifteen minutes a day adds up.

Read Even If You Don't Like To
I know many who aren't fond of reading. I get it. Its just not their thing. But watching a movie or documentary on your favorite subject just won't do if that's your main source of information on a subject. Read a book or magazine devoted to that field, it will sink in and your knowledge base will increase.

Read Regularly
If you only have 20 minutes a day as I sometimes do on my lunch break, take advantage of the time and read and do it everyday. Twenty minutes before falling asleep - read. Thirty minutes before leaving for second shift - read. Soon you'll be looking forward to it.

Use Whatever Media Suits You
Some folks like the feel of that printed book in their hands. So do I. There's just something about it that can't be explained. Even the small of an old book is enchanting. On the other hand, an iPhone, iPad or Kindle can serve the same purpose. There are advantages to both. A  printed book allows highlighting and its easier to move back and forth to different pages. Its also pretty cool to see that book on the bookshelf when I'm done. On the flipside, with my kindle I can quickly look up unfamiliar words in a dictionary, highlight special passages and have them grouped together for future reference,  jump between two or more books for studying reference works and much more. But whatever works for you, just use it.

Read With Purpose
Whatever you read, read with purpose. That may sound strange but it is valuable to keep that in mind. If you are you reading for enjoyment, then make it an enjoyable experience. Read in silence without distractions or read with your favorite music playing. Read at the park or in your favorite easy chair. Do what you must to get your head into it. Reading for knowledge? Keep a notebook with you and take notes. Whatever you read, read and absorb well enough to write a review of the book and then do it. Write a review for Amazon or Goodreads.

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