Monday, March 3, 2014

Book Review: How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home by Derek Thomas

How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home is one for everyone's bookshelf. Don't borrow it - buy it. Read it, digest it, meditate on it and refer back to it often. Author Derek Thomas does a marvelous job walking us through "the best chapter in the Bible," Romans 8.

Perhaps nowhere else in Scripture do we have such a clear explanation of the Gospel as we find in the first chapters of Romans culminating in chapter 8. The book chapters are divided into 11 digestible chunks taken from Romans 8. Thomas winds his way through developing a clear understanding of grace, the work of the Spirit, union with Christ, legalism, killing sin, adoption, our hope in glory and much more. We're accepted in Christ rather than in our own works. We're given an understanding of how are lives are to be lived in light of the Gospel and we see the final hope we have in the life here after.

Thomas writes in an easily understandable style meant to convey theological truth with devotional warmth. You'll enjoy this and will be edified. You'll see how, indeed, the Gospel brings us all the way home.

Get it NOW. Its free for your kindle all month!

Want another opinion? Check these out...

If asked, 'Which chapter of the Bible would you take with you to a desert island?' I suspect many believers would answer, 'Romans 8' In a glorious section of God's Word, Paul sets before us the trials and the triumphs, the pains and the gains, the indicatives and the imperatives of living life as a child of God- saved by Christ, led by the Spirit, and cared for by a heavenly Father. Now, if a commentary on Romans 8 were permitted on the desert island, I would without hesitation, recommend this wonderful exposition by Derek Thomas. Like the chapter it illumines so clearly, it is a literary treasure and a spiritual feast. --Dr. Iain D. Campbell: Pastor, Free Church of Scotland in Point, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

While Christians may believe that the gospel merely begins our Christian lives, Derek Thomas shows us convincingly that the gospel is the beginning, middle, and end of our lives - indeed, that it is status-shaping, holiness-motivating, and glory-providing. Moving through the grand biblical themes of Romans 8 that shape our understanding of who and whose we are, believers will see that our union with Jesus determines everything about us. Would that my church members might marinate in these truths and so emerge gospel-soaked and gospel-encouraged. --Dr. Sean Michel Lucas: Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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