Friday, February 28, 2014

Compassionate Jesus

The gents at Mortification of Spin are joined by Christopher Bogosh, author of Compassionate Jesus. This is an unusually serious episode for Carl & Todd as they explore life and death issues in modern medicine from a Biblical worldview. Check it out and take a look at the book here.

Book Description

In an age of scientific advancement and specialization, many Christians turn to medical professionals to direct them in stewardship of their bodies. While in many ways the advancements of medical science are a blessing, they are also largely driven by a secular mindset that, though it appears compassionate and to proclaim hope, is actually often subversive of genuine compassion and our hope in Christ. In Compassionate Jesus, Christopher Bogosh calls Christians to examine the pervasive prolong life at all costs mentality against biblical principles of care and compassion that are rooted in Christ. This is a call to enter into medical situations trusting in God s sovereign care and the power of prayer. It is hoped that this book will begin a long-needed discussion among Christians about how we relate to modern medicine, encouraging us to allow the gospel to inform the way we engage the healthcare system.

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