Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daily Fellowship With God Parts 1&2

It is often so easy for us to forget our need for the Lord and to spend time with him daily. The following are good reminders taken from The Deeper Christian Life by Andrew Murray.

1. The first and chief need of our Christian life is, Fellowship with God.

2. The Divine life within us comes from God, and is entirely dependent upon Him. As I need every moment afresh the air to breathe, as the s sun every moment afresh sends down its light, so it is only in direct living communication with God that my soul can be strong. The manna of one day was corrupt when the next day came. I must every day have fresh grace from heaven, and I obtain it only in direct waiting upon God Himself. Begin each day by tarrying before God, and letting Him touch you. Take time to meet God.
- Andrew Murray

More to come....

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