Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to Profit from Sickness Direct. II

Let's look at Richard Baxter's next direction on how to profit from sickness. Keep in mind that we can replace the word sickness with trial, suffering, loss, pain, affliction. It all works here and God uses each situation in our lives to bring about his purposes.

Direct. II. If in the review of your lives, you find out those sins which before you overlooked, or perceive the greatness of those sins which before you accounted small, the benefit may be very great; for it helps to a more deep and sound repentance, and to a stronger resolution against all sins, if you recover. And affliction is a very great help to us in this: many a man hath been ashamed and deeply humbled for that same sin, when sickness did awake him, which he could make his play-fellow before, as it there had been neither hurt nor danger in it.

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