Thursday, April 16, 2009

Faith Upholds our Lives in Affliction

The Banner of Truth Trust has published these great little, Pocket Puritans books. They're certainly small but brimming with theological meat. One of the small books is Samuel Ward's Living Faith and its no different - its just packed with spiritual assistance and comfort. Take the following as an example, Faith tackles great obstacles. Small boats do well in calm conditions, ordinary men can stand up to a light breeze, but when a heavy tempest blows, and wave after wave crashes in, nature yields, spirits faint, hearts fail. To stand up against such storms and to live and reign is the work of faith, which has the Word as its compass, and Christ at the helm. The greatest adversities are but the exercise and lustre of faith. Men glory when they can tame tigers and lions, make the elephant bow to them, and bear to follow them. But what a small conquest is that compared with faith when it makes shame, poverty, sickness, persecution, banishment, yea, death itself, to be not only not dreadful, but manageable and bearable. A Christian has great advantage because of his faith. His only defect is lack of skill or a failure to use the shield of faith when a dart comes suddenly at him. Therefore when a storm rises, immediately run and awaken your sleeping faith. (Pgs. 43-44)

What exceptional observations and advice. Let us engage our faith when trials hit and take comfort that our Lord is watching over us.

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