Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Book Review: We Named Her Faith by Tim Orr

We Named Her Faith is a warm hearted story of grace and love and how God in His providence works in the daily lives of His people. This book isn't my normal line of country. I tend to engross myself into deeper works of theology however, the result of that deeper theology should have the outcome we read about in the lives of the Orr family. When it comes to the trials of faith many of us have read of the faith of men like Calvin, Luther, Warfield, Newton and many others that endured incredible hardships and were triumphant at the end of their lives. Most of us just aren't like that. We're average people just trying to make it day by day striving to be obedient and living on God's grace. And so it is for the Orr family.

We Named Her Faith is the story of Tim, Michelle and Faith Orr. Their past and present - how they got to where they are today through life's trials and struggles and how they were happily able to adopt their daughter, Faith who has Down Syndrome. Their story has many twists and turns, happy and sad, losing and winning. But through it all we see God's Providence working behind the scenes for their good and His glory.

Its a wonderful story. As for the book itself, it has its share of positives and negatives. On the negative side, it was difficult to determine the author's beliefs. Often oscillating freely between the terms "providence" (as in God's Providence) and the term "luckily," I was confused. Were their circumstances from God or by coincidence? The author, in his early years was Pentecostal and at some point became a Reformed Baptist but it was difficult to see when and thus could account for the confusion here and at some other points. At times there was too much irrelevant information and at others too little which made the story wordy and somewhat disjointed. On the positive side we see a childless couple reach out in God's love and adopt a child with a disability. We see God moving in their lives from when they were young to the present in many marvelous ways. Life isn't easy but we see God's grace working in the background of their lives to bring about the wonderful conclusion of adoption.

This is a great book for the church library or your home. Its worth a read. A definite 3.5 out of 5.
I received a review copy of "We Named her Faith" to review. No other compensation was received, and the opinions are my own.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Common Grace and the Gospel By Cornelius Van Til, K. Scott Oliphint

 Common Grace and the Gospel By Cornelius Van Til, K. Scott Oliphint

"Restoring the full text of the original 1972 work, this collection of annotated essays addresses questions on common grace and its relevance to the gospel. A pioneer in presuppositional apologetics, Cornelius Van Til sets forth a Christian philosophy of history; examines the views of Abraham Kuyper, Herman Hoeksema, and others in the debate over common grace; and replies to criticism."

To find out more about this outstanding republication, click over to the Reformed Forum website and listen to their interview with the editor, Scott Oliphint.