Monday, July 5, 2010

A Review of "Does Grace Grow Best in Winter"

Suffering is coming. If you’ve never suffered, be assured that one day you will. Now, before the time of trials and suffering, is the best time to develop a personal theology of suffering. Does Grace Grow Best in Winter? by Ligon Duncan is a book that can help you do that. And if you’re suffering now, this book is especially for you.The first sentence of chapter one sets the tone for the book, “This book considers suffering in light of the sovereignty of our wise and loving God.” That is the thrust of the work.

Each chapter, titled as a question, answers the questions we all ask when we are suffering such as chapter one, “Why Me?” Duncan biblically takes hold of these questions and answers them tenderly and lovingly while teaching us that we must turn the focus away from ourselves and to the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you’re seeking answers to suffering, in whatever form it has taken, I warmly recommend this book to you. It will be beneficial to you as it strengthens your faith.

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