Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Heart of Stonewall

Stonewall Jackson
I have been called to pass through the deep waters of affliction, but all has been satisfied...the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord. It is his will that my Dearest wife and child should not longer abide with me, and as it is His holy will I am perfectly reconciled to the sad bereavement, though I deeply mourn my loss. My dearest Ellie breathed her last on Sunday evening, the same day on which the child was born dead. Oh! the consolation of religion! I can willingly submit to anything if God strengthens me. Oh! my Sister would that you could have Him for your God. (From a letter from Stonewall Jackson to his sister on the occasion of the death of his wife and child. Quoted in All Things for Good by Steve Wilkins.)

Though he suffered and labored under this hard affliction of losing both his wife and stillborn son, Jackson never lost his faith. Indeed, it appears over time it may have bolstered it. How will we endure should such a tragedy infect our lives today?

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  1. By recourse to the same "God of all comfort" I have no doubt. We both, Russ, trust that God will not allow us to be tested beyond that which we are able to bear - even if the stress seems to great at the time - because he is that God of comfort. I wouldn't want to wish it on anyone but I trust our God.

    *smiles* encouragingly