Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to Profit from Sickness

It seems so unlikely that we can profit from sickness and yet we see in Scripture that our Lord often works in the exact opposite way from the manner in which we think and reason. And so Richard Baxter enlightens us in his Christian Directory about this in the section, Directions how to Profit by our Sickness:

Direct. 1. If you hear God's call to a closer trial of your your hearts, concerning the sincerity of your conversion, and thereby are brought to a more exact examination, and come to a truer acquaintance with your state, (be it good or bad,) the benefit may be exceeding great. For if it be good you may be much comforted, and confirmed, and fitted to give thanks and praise to God; and if it be bad you may be awakened speedily to look to about you, and seek for recovery.

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